Lowe’s is applying human performance technology (HPT) to revamp their training department from transactional T&D (training and development) order takers to strategic HPT business partners.  Their goal is to develop “a proficient and engaged workforce that delivers optimal customer experiences and business results.”

Their solution focuses on  5 ongoing activities based on the 10 ISPI performance technology standards.

  • Conducting a cause analysis to determine why a gap existed in performance
  • Co-creating a rigorous, emergent, one-of-a-kind learning architecture
  • Building just-in-time, just-enough (not just-in-case) learning solutions during the development phase
  • Piloting and implementing the new way to learn at Lowe’s (to more than 1,700 stores)
  • Measuring new performance with knowledge assessments and performance validations, informally and formally

This is a forward thinking approach that recognizes the value of developing employees rather than simply training them.  One of the key differentiators of HPT from a traditional training approach is its emphasis on a systematic approach.  It appears Lowe’s has a clear vision for customer service and is committed to equipping their employees to carry out this vision.

It will take Lowe’s 5 years to complete this transition which will require a committed executive sponsor, strong leadership, significant financial and resource investment and a lot of patience.