Here is a short but thought-provoking post on employee engagement.  It looks an awful lot like something I would have written, or have written, which is probably why I like it.  Plus its written by Beth Sunshine.  How could you not like something written by someone named Sunshine?  Below is a quick reaction.

When you place an individual in a well-defined role that matches their natural abilities, they will be better able to make a strong contribution to the company.

This takes work.  Employees are freqeuntly asked to conform to the work rather than assigning work according to their strengths.  You wouldn’t ask a car salesman to fix your car but we often ask employees to do work that they are not good at and the results suffer.

Reflect on your employees’ strengths.  Find out what they like to do at work.  Whenever possible, assign them responsibilities that match their strengths and interests.