As I noted in yesterday’s post we have to listen and process what the other person is offering.  I’m bad about that.  In conversation my attention is drawn to phrases or words.   I attempt to process what the person is saying while they are saying it.  They haven’t finished their thought and I am already formulating my response.  How wrong is that!?

At this point I want to apologize to my family and co-workers. I’m not perfect but I’m working on it.

I have to consciously slow my mind down.  At any given point in the day my brain is distracted by deadlines, recent conversations, upcoming conversations, tasks that I don’t want to forget, information that will help my team perform better, and the list goes on.  I’m pretty sure this is not unique to me.

Today I will slow down.  I will make notes do I don’t forget things.  I will add items to my task list immediately so I don’t forget them or obsess over them until I get them added.  I will keep a running list of all the information that passes in front of me throughout the day and share it will my team so they can have it and use it as needed.  Hopefully this will help me concentrate better when I am in conversations today.  Maybe with you.