Chapter 8 of Daniel Pink’s latest book, To Sell is Human, covers improvisation.  He states, “[t]he first principle of improvisation – hearing others- hinges on attunement, leaving our own perspective to inhabit the perspective of another.”

Attunement means to be in harmony with another person. In the video above you have the blending of two diverse instruments into a unique composition.  To  accomplish this each performer must pay close attention to what the other is doing.  While one is improvising the other is playing a complementary role.

Pink notes that “few of us, in fact, do listen well. For many of us, the opposite of talking isn’t listening.  Its waiting.”  Ouch.  That’s me.

In the book, Pink describes describes an improvisation activity called “amazing silence.”  In it one person reveals something very important to another person.  The second person must make eye contact the entire time but must wait 15 seconds before responding verbally.

If you’ve never tried this give it a try.  Use the comments section to tell me how it goes.