I’m reading Daniel Pink’s latest book To Sell Is Human.  After each chapter he offers some tips for applying what he presents.    Chapter 5 is on buoyancy.  A salesman Pink follows through the book describes his day as facing “an ocean of rejection.”

How to stay afloat amid that ocean of rejection is the second essential quality in moving others.  I call this quality “buoyancy.”

One of the qualities of buoyancy is positivity.  In the application section of chapter 5, Pink cites research done by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson.  She has developed a self-test to help a person determine their current positivity ratio.  I took the test this morning and my ratio was 1.17.  Her research suggests the ideal ratio is 3:1 so it appears I have some work to do.

She has identified 10 positive emotions (joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe, and love).  According to her research these emotions are evidence of positivity.  How do we tap into those positive emotions?  She says the secret to improving one’s positivity ratio is “to lightly create the mindset of positive emotions.”  Click here for Dr. Fredrickson’s explanation of positivity ratio.

Count me a skeptic.  As an experiment I am going to focus on one of these emotions over the next 10 days and take the self-test every day.  If the research is accurate and I can use some of the other tips in Pink’s book my positivity ratio should increase.  Stay tuned.