There were lots of reasons I started this blog.  I wanted to practice what I preached.  I wanted to have a means to communicate my views.  As it has evolved, this blog has mainly been a platform for sharing my thoughts on what other people are writing.  This gives me an opportunity to clarify what I do and how I can contribute.  It also provides a way for me to influence the discussion and create space for new thinking.

That is the topic of this post on the HBR Blog Network.  I am passionate about performance and new ways of approaching current challenges.  I don’t like to stand still.  I am not content with the status quo.  That’s why I started blogging.  In my opinion organizations need to adopt alternatives to traditional learning.  They need to be nimble.  They need to reduce the time and financial investment they place in print and face-to-face training.

If you have something that you are passionate about, start blogging in 2013.  Below are some quotes from the blog post I referenced above that might motivate you.

1. Even if you don’t reach thousands of people you can influence people.

20,000 Twitter users (a mere .05% of the user base at the time) generated 50% of all tweets consumed. A small number of “elite users” sets the conversational tenor, just as in the general world of blogging.

2. You are an expert in something.  If you produce quality, people will follow you.

Nowadays, we’re measured by the quality of information — not its brand name. If you create high-quality content, you legitimately may become a source as powerful and trusted as the “legacy media.”

3. If you are passionate about ideas, writing is the best way to communicate to a large audience.

Writing is still the clearest and most definitive medium for demonstrating expertise on the web.