Chief Learning Officer Magazine has an article in its January edition focusing on learning trends for the coming year.  Guess what?  Its all about mobility.  Whether its custom apps, QR codes, or video, the future is about getting the right information when you need it and in a format you can use.

I have advocated a learning approach that focused less on event-based learning and more on raw content for years (see my post from two years ago on personalized learning).  In a time when resources are tight, formal training should focus on the big picture.  Too many hours are spent preparing training that could be communicated more effectively through informal channels, such as blogs or podcasts.

A more nimble approach to training is possible and appropriate as mobile devices become more commonplace.  It is not necessary to allocate long hours to create formal training for most topics.  It is not necessary to produce polished training documents.  Today’s learner is used to content being rough around the edges.  There is a higher premium on timeliness and accuracy than on polish and comprehensiveness.