Sergio Garcia is one of the most talented players on the PGA tour.  He is probably best remembered for his amazing performance at the 1999 PGA Championship.

Unfortunately he now has a reputation for not capitalizing on his talent.  After coming so close to winning the PGA in 1999 it was expected that he would be winning majors and challenging Tiger Woods.  Instead he has struggled.  What is noteworthy is the way he has dealt with adversity.  In 2007, he spit in the cup after 3 putting.  In a sport that values etiquette this was a noteworthy act.  Later that year he lost the British Open by one stroke in a playoff.  In his assessment of his performance he implied that bad breaks cost him the championship rather than anything he did or the play of his competitors.

Success at golf is as much (or more) mental as it is physical.  The mental side of the game is even more critical at the professional level.  After so many struggles and setbacks Sergio Garcia is battling golf courses, a field of talented golfers, and himself.

With every perceived failure it becomes more and more difficult for him to achieve success.  Golf is hard and full of the unexpected.  You just have to accept it.  That’s what makes golf enjoyable and frustrating.  Maintaining a healthy perspective is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.