I am struck by the amount of information you can get through social media these days.  It really is a change in philosophy from traditional media.  The old (traditional) view was based on the notion that subscribers had to come to you.  That’s still the case and it is a struggle to get noticed.  However, social media enables you to leverage your followers’ preferences/interests to grow the number of people who can see your message.

Don’t try to understand it, just embrace it.

My point is to encourage you to not worry about who is reading your stuff.  Get it out there!

  • You must read blogs.  Everybody does.  Share what you read.
  • Comment on posts, especially my blog.  I know people read my blog.  Join the discussion.  The point of social media is to be SOCIAL.
  • Give me your feedback.  I want to know what attracted you here.   Tell me to take a flying leap if you want.  Don’t worry.  I’ll approve that comment if its done appropriately.

Here are some principles of social media from Thom Rainer.
Here are some recommendations for using images in social media.