Based on 2+ years writing this blog and a little more than 5 months on Facebook I have seen a change in my attitude toward social networking.  Originally I thought of it as a passive activity at best and narcissistic at worst.  This is true for some people but I have also come to view social networking as a powerful tool for change.  In the rest of this post (and probably many more in the future) I am going to attempt to describe what I mean.

First, you are an expert in something.  You know things or can do things other people would benefit from knowing about.  You may not think of yourself as an expert or earn money in your area of expertise but that doesn’t matter.

Second, you have to share.  Social networking did not become the phenomenon it is unless people were willing to share their experiences or expertise.  Share openly and don’t fret over the number of followers you have or the amount of hits your blog gets.

Third, you have to have a thick skin.  The Bible says iron sharpens iron.  Expect people to disagree with you.  Welcome the dialogue as long as it is done in a civil manner with pure intentions.  Social networking provides an unprecedented forum for ideas.  Embracing it can result in unexpected and valuable ways.

What has been your experience with social networking?  Do you have any advice or recommendations?