In this article, Dr. Rainer succinctly describes the traits of some current and future employees (see below).  I can’t improve on what he wrote so I won’t steal his thunder.

  • The Free Agent Employee
  • The Less Constrained Employee
  • The Reinvented Employee

I appreciate Dr. Rainer’s attention to this but I think the future is now for some of these traits.  I have felt like a free agent in the not so distant past.  I learned that employment should not be taken for granted.  Even the best employer has to make hard decisions sometimes.   On the flip side, an employer should not be shocked if an employee decides to pursue an opportunity.

The challenge for leaders is to adapt and utilize these traits.  I have written over and over in this space that leaders need to face and embrace change.  Meeting these challenges with fear or not facing them at all will have negative consequences.  I believe the consequences will not only affect current employees but will make it harder to attract new ones.