There is a synergistic relationship between employer brand and culture. The latter should play a key role by informing the employer brand, while the former needs to promote and embed the cultural nuances that make an organisation (sic) and its employment experience distinctive and memorable.

Did you ever think the way your company brands itself would affect your work environment?  I used to think branding was exclusively for customer relationships.  Over time I have come to realize that branding also affects corporate culture and working relationships.  Or at least it should, according to this article.  So what does does the article say?  Lots of things but they say that doing the things listed below will “improve your chances of success.”

  1. Involve key stakeholders at the beginning of the research and development phase and ensure they are kept informed throughout the implementation.
  2. Establish an employer brand team or council to monitor the performance of the strategy across the business lines and geographic regions.
  3. Establish clear guidelines for leaders who are accountable for the implementation, measures and reporting on the strategy.
  4. Raise the profile of employer branding throughout the organisation (sic) by raising awareness of the benefits amongst the senior leadership team.
  5. Integrate the employer brand strategy with the normal business planning cycle.
  6. Ensure that the head of employer branding has a voice at the executive table.

I’ll be honest with you this sounds too formal and structured.  To impact corporate culture a brand must resonate through every aspect of an organization.  If you have to “establish guidelines” and “raise the profile of employer branding” it might be time to reconsider your brand.  Do you think the companies below have to establish guidelines or raise the profile of their brand?

Didn’t think so.