In this article, the author outlines how Trader Joe’s has developed its cult-like following.

1) Trader Joe’s knows its customers.

  • He is “overeducated and underpaid.”
  • If money were no object, he would choose a Mac over a PC.
  • He likes Tina Fey.
  • He has been to Europe, and probably was on some kind of academic fellowship.
  • He would have voted for Obama over McCain, and he probably has a few kids. &c.

2) They make decisions based on what they know.

  • The store layout
  • The products
  • The “uniforms”

You have to read the article to find out how about the rest

3) They come up with innovative ways to work around problems for ideal consumers. (HINT: The don’t like corporate America)

4) They create a tangible culture around their product. (Example)

5) Their customers are their best “evangelists” (That’s where the video above comes from)