A lot of guys self-select out of the league.  How long does it take to self-select out of the league?  It depends on the amount of things you’re missing.  If you’re just missing one key element of twelve, I’m going to say it takes quite a bit longer but it does get you in the long run.  But if you’re missing four or five a guy’s playing  two or three years and that’s it.

This is coming from a guy who played 14 years in the league and has been an NFL commentator for several years.  What do I take from this?  Steve Young knows what it takes to be successful in the NFL on and off the field.  If you are in the position of evaluating talent and making personnel decisions that involve key players on your team you have to know what it takes to be successful.  There is no other way to equip a person for success.  How do you know if the person is making the right improvements?  How do you know when to coach them and what to coach them on?

Documenting the characteristics that lead to success in any job is not glamorous.  I’m sure Steve Young hasn’t done it.  Neither did Bill Walsh or any other great coach.  However, it might make the difference maker your staff needs you to do.  That’s an under appreciated aspect of leadership.

I can’t link directly to the interview.  Click here to access the broadcast archive.  The interview date is October 21st.