Steve Young, the Hall of Fame quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, is a weekly guest on a local sports talk show in San Francisco.  After enduring the speechifying by the hosts, it is a treat to hear him talk about what it takes to be a successful quarterback in the NFL.  His insights on leadership transcend football (see below).

Let me tell you what we’re all looking for.  And I look back on my whole career the one thing that I’m most grateful for.  Was the platform to find out how good I was. So many guys in this league don’t even have a platform.  Look at what happened in Jacksonville.  Look what’s happening around the league in a number of cities.  The quarterback does not have a chance.

I think the full half hour is worth listening to so I will continue to share insights from this broadcast throughout the football season.

Here is one other noteworthy exchange from the Sept. 7 broadcast.

Host: Can you ever see Alex Smith lifting the Lombardi Trophy?
Young: He has been dealing with people for four or five years that look at the quarterback position as just another place…another guy.  And that is the worst way to ever get anything out of your quarterback.  So, with that in mind, is it possible that Alex has that ability…if the team can play well and they can build a repertoire and build a great history together and have a great locker room like the Packers have developed, in five or six years he’s that grizzled veteran that can take them there I can see that.  Because I know what a big difference a great coach, a quarterback coach, a play caller, who can put combinations of plays together.  Who can prepare you in a way.  That looks at you as different.  The position is different.  And when I got to San Francisco and was dealt with that way it was as if I was given the platform to be good, even better than good.