I love jazz music.  My favorites are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Dave Brubeck.  What makes jazz music unique is its use of syncopation.  Syncopation is “the shifting of the accent to a weak beat or to an off beat.”

Experimentation is a woven into the fabric of jazz music.  As jazz evolved bands experimented by placing the accent on different beats.  The effect can have a dramatic effect.  Below are two examples of the standard St. Louis Blues.

Both are enjoyable in their own way but also reflect the unique personality of the band.  So what is my point?

Dave Brubeck and Sidney Bechet are/were masters of their instruments.  They selected members of their band that complement their skills and were like minded.  Even though their interpretations of the same musical piece varied they both were successful in their execution because they were committed to achieving outstanding results.

I hope you enjoyed the music.