According to research cited in an article published in Chief Learning Officer magazine 80% of learners do not apply learning successfully.  The author of the article calls this scrap learning.  In other words a waste of organizational resources.

What is the key to getting results from training?  Manager engagement.  The author of the study provides tips for managers to turn training into learning and thus have a positive impact on performance.

Before training, it is helpful for the manager to assess the business case. Is the employee the right person to attend training? Is it the right time? Are the costs appropriate? Additionally, the manager should meet with the learner pre-event to set learning and performance expectations, and they should create an action plan together. These managerial actions help to ensure that training is valuable to the learner and is fully aligned with business goals. Further, the conversation and expectation setting prepares the learner for the actual training event.

After training, the manager should review the action plan with the learner to determine if it still aligns with what was taught. As the learner applies training on the job, the manager must supervise and provide meaningful praise and feedback to reinforce success and correct mistakes. It is also the manager’s responsibility to seek projects, events or situations where the learner can hone new skills.  (emphasis mine)