USA Today has an article comparing the iPad to other tablets.  I accept that each company named in the article has a business plan and tablet computers are only part of this plan.  However, one unmistakable point in the article is that the iPad is winning on almost every front in the tablet wars.  This article reminds me that Apple’s success is due to a culture that considers every contact customers have with them.

Groundbreaking devices 

Customer-focused stores

Industry-standard online store

Relentlessly catchy advertising


The quotes below provide more evidence of how the culture at Apple is framing the marketplace on mobile devices.

The report points out that Samsung‘s Galaxy tablet originally priced at $600 without a mobile contract and Motorola‘s Xoom goes for $800 untethered. Those compare with $499 for an iPad.

“If you go into a Verizon store, the Galaxy tablets are in the back of the store collecting dust,” says Rotman Epps. If you go into an Apple store the tablets are front and center, and it’s an exciting environment.”

Another blow to tablet makers: They will have a tough sell in differentiating their brands at stores such as Best Buy, where devices will sit on shelves next to many similar models, she says.