If you follow sports you have heard an athlete describe situations where the game seemed to slow down.  Under these circumstances receivers look a little more open to the quarterback.  Holes in the offensive line look bigger to the running back.  The ball looks bigger to a hitter.  In each of these cases, the player is seeing things that others are not.

How does this happen?  It can’t be just great talent (but that helps).  There are plenty of athletes who occasionally perform at a high level simply due to their physical abilities.  Why can’t they do it consistently?

Performing at a high level consistently takes more than great physical ability.  It takes a deep understanding of the basics.  I propose that players like Peyton Manning, Emmit Smith, and Albert Pujols have in common is mastery of the fundamentals.

I believe this applies to all disciplines.  Whether its your job, parenting, or recreational pursuits.  You cannot expect to consistently perform at a high level until you have spent time examining the basics and mastering them.

In my experience when you master the basics, things that were once challenging become enjoyable and sometimes fun.