One of the most precious organizational assets is knowledge.  How well leaders optimize and convert knowledge to sustained employee performance is one measure of success, reflected by employees’ knowledge management capabilities, their ability to learn, support of their own performance and collaboration with experts.

The quote above is from an article in the current edition of Chief Learning Officer titled The Learning Ecosystem.  I recommend reading the entire article.  It is  thorough, well thought out and provides real-world examples of organizations who overcame obstacles to implement a learning ecosystem that meets their organization’s needs.

The challenge to organizational leaders is fostering a culture that empowers individuals, rewards sharing, and encourages transparency.  There is no recipe to do this.  The first step is for leaders to recognize the needs of organization, how it could work better and the benefits of greater collaboration.

Throughout the article the author sprinkles references to ISPI standards.  If you find one mention it in the Comments.