Last week I “attended” an interesting webinar by Pamela Meyer called “From Workplace to Playspace: The Business Case for Fun at Work.”  Her premise is that our culture has created a dualism between work and play.  In her words, organizations that are innovative and have a high level of engagement have changed their workplace to a “playspace.”  According to her website, “Placespace™ is the space for the play of new possibilities and perspectives, for people to play new roles and develop new capacities, for more play in the system, as well as space for improvised play.  When we reconceive innovating, learning, and changing as play, we breathe new life into these processes and create the very space needed to ensure they thrive.”

One point in her presentation struck me.  She said the more an employee trusts his or her supervisor the more fun he or she has which builds more trust.  The link between trust and fun is an interesting one.  Trust means a person feels comfortable letting their guard down which is a key element to having fun.  Being able to have fun without fear of consequences is a huge stress reliever.  It is self-evident how this would build trust.

I encourage you to learn more about this concept.

Here is a 3 minute interview.

Here is a link to the 45 minute webinar. (It’s free but registration is required)

Click here to read how one company is employing Dr. Meyer’s principles.

Here is a link to her book, From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement.