Below are quick summaries of three recent Harvard Business Review posts.

Think and Act Like Your Customers – There are strategic advantages to knowing your competitors’ business.  There are even more benefits to knowing how your customers think and act.

Innovation: Who Else Is Doing It? – “Guys, innovation means maybe no one else is doing it. You might have to be the first. And that might be a good thing.”  How can your organization be innovative without losing the ranch in the process?  Employ “a small-wins strategy of rapid tests and trial-and-error improvisation.”

Great insights in a short post.  For example, “The courage to innovate involves a high tolerance for difference. Ideas that are presented by people who look and act differently, who are not the usual suspects, are sometimes rejected because of unconscious biases.”  For more on unconscious biases, read my post on mental models.

How to Translate Training into Results – The first principle of human performance technology is to focus on results.  This post provides recommendations for getting measurable results from your management training program.