At some point I will explain why I chose Svenonia.  For now it will have to remain a mystery, except to those who already know the story.

The point of this blog is to engage in a dialogue on social networking and learning.  I am guilty of using blogs to find information but not to share.  In my defense, I never thought anyone was really interested in reading my thoughts on a given subject.   That never stopped me from getting out my soapbox.  I vow not to rant.  Hopefully the discipline of typing will help me resist the urge.  If I ever start ranting you have permission to call me on it.

Blogs are about dialogue.  We will probably have differences of opinion.  In fact, my experience shows that most people find it easy to disagree.  I am no different.  I believe differing views enable productive dialogue to occur.    To make this a pleasant experience for everyone please respect the views of others.  If you disagree with a post let me know, but do it politely.

One purpose for this blog is for me to learn.  I have strong views about many things.  But I am also a product of my experience.  Please bear that in mind if you have occasion to correct me.  It will add to my experience and we both will be better for it.

Be original.  We all have unique points of view.  Contribute what you really think.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t end up agreeing with you.

Share.  There is no way I can keep up on everything.  If you see something you think I would be interested in post it.

That’s all I have for now.  Please post any tips or requests that you think will help.